Quick Facts:

Name: CANA Construction
Type of Client: Corporate – Construction
Head Office: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Operations: Canada and United States
The Challenge: Improve communication with visitors & present a viable brand image
The Solution: Interactive Touch Screen Solution.

Client Information:

CANA Group of Companies is a 70 year old celebrated corporate entity in Alberta. During those 7 decades of business, CANA group built a reputation of delivering projects in the given budget and timeline. Today, the group consists of CANA Construction, CANA Utilities (infrastructure and utility construction), CANA High Voltage and Shepard Development Corporation. Since 1969, it has completed more than $5 billion worth construction management projects including Calgary International Airport, Hyatt Hotel and Convention Centre and Petro-Canada Centre.

Need Assessment:

CANA Construction was relying on traditional signage to welcome customers and its visitors. However, due to static nature and old-fashioned signage, that wasn’t helping CANA create its desired brand goodwill. In order to improve the first impression and initial introduction, the company had to come up with a reliable solution.

A formal need assessment concluded that a custom interactive touch screen solution is the best option that can help provide necessary information about the company. Additionally, with the new installation in place, CANA Construction could improve its image as a corporate entity and extend a vibrant welcome to its visitors.

Interactive Touch Screen Solution for CANA by E Display 1

The Challenges and Obstacles:

A range of challenges existed that were supposed to be countered with the proposed interactive solution. Some of them were:

  • Unappealing lobby and welcome point were not promoting goodwill of the brand.
  • There was no quick information center for the visitors to quickly learn about the company and its accomplishments.
  • The guest lobby needed an appealing, fresh and vibrant look of the brand.

CANA Construction decided to meet this multi-fold challenge with the help of E Display Inc.; one of the leading digital signage and interactive solutions provider in US and Canada.

Interactive Touch Screen Solution for CANA by E Display 3

The Solution:

As part of the renovation program to modernize office building and improve in-house branding, CANA administration awarded the contract of deploying the interactive signage solution to E Display Inc. As per client’s requirements and available budget; the following solution was implemented.

On the hardware front, E Display used a professional-grade, 55’’ interactive touchscreen LCD display and networked it to a Media player. E Display deployed a custom interactive signage application that resides on the Player.

The touchscreen interface allows users to access the following information:

  • Company biography
  • Profile of its various divisions
  • Briefs of its completed projects
  • Date, Time and Weather Update
  • Flash ads. showcasing the projects

The solution has an administration interface, which allows CANA staff to make changes/updates to the layout or the content at any time.

Interactive Touch Screen Solution for CANA by E Display 2

Impact and Output:

With help of E Display Inc.; CANA Construction was able to successfully implement the custom interactive touchscreen system to address the challenges it faced. Now, the company was able to meet the following objectives.

  • Walk-in visitors and corporate delegates were immensely pleased with the introduction provided by the vibrant digital signage solution.
  • The process became more ‘self-care’ centric, where any visitor could find the required information about the company without involvement of the staff.
  • This new system conveyed a modern and dynamic image of the company.
  • Last but not the least; the interactive signage helped reshape the brand image and corporate identity of CANA.

Interactive Touch Screen Solution for CANA by E Display 4

About E Display:

E Display Inc. is a leading provider of cost-effective, turn-key digital signage and interactive solutions in all vertical segments. The company offers a wide range of custom solutions like; interactive displays, digital menu boards, flight information displays, hospitality signage, retail signage and window projection system to name a few. The solutions are powered by E Display’s industry leading Digital Signage Software. In the process of solution delivery E Display helps its clients each step of the way from initial consultation to project management, network design, installation, content creation and post deployment support. With offices in Calgary, Alberta and Chicago IL; E Display Inc. serves clients all across the United States and Canada. For detailed information, visit their website at: www.edisplayinc.com.

Contact Information:

Toll Free: 1-800-930-7860 (US & Canada)
Tel: 404-556-3795 (US)
Tel: 403-278-1300 (Canada)
Fax: 866-338-6693
Email: info@edisplayinc.com
Web: http://www.edisplayinc.com

US Address: 350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 300, Park Ridge, IL 60068
Canada Address: 21, 1915 – 32 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7C8

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Interactive Touch Screen Case Study; CANA Construction – by E Display Inc.