Client: Big Orange
Industry: Fast Food
Head Office: Vancouver, BC
Operations: Canada & US
Solution: Digital Menu Boards

Big Orange is a proven, innovative, and rapidly expanding franchise chain offering healthy drinks. The trade mark Big Orange was first used in 1996 for the “Big Orange Store” at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Its products mainly focused on fresh fruit based drinks. Since 2002, twelve Big Orange franchised stores have been established in the Greater Vancouver Area in Canada, two in Victoria Canada, two in United States, and three in Malaysia. Nowadays, Big Orange’s products have been developed further to include fresh fruit bubble teas, regular bubble teas, real milk bubble teas, ice cream bubble teas, waffles, and desserts etc.

E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.

E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.


 Using outdated traditional static menu displays, Big Orange was faced the following challenges:

  • The traditional static menu boards were unappealing and didn’t attract customer attention.
  • The store environment was static and stale and didn’t offer ideal customer experience.
  • Franchisee were unable to promote everything on the menu due to shortage of space.
  • There was no way to run specials or promotions on the menu board.
  • The cost of changing, modifying, and updating the menu content and promotional stuff was unsustainable over-time.


The management at Big Orange concluded that there was a strong need for a solution that could:

  • Allow the ability to easily and quickly modify, update, or make changes to the menu.
  • Display their extensive menu in an inviting and dynamic manner.
  • Improve in-house branding and customer experience at their stores.
  • Eliminate on-going printing costs of menu changes and updates.
  •  Enable Big Orange to develop business and generate sustainable revenue without adding any unnecessary cost.
  • Provide a cost-effective and appealing way to present their menu and to advertise promote their products.
E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.

E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.


Following consideration of proposal from various Vendors, Big Orange awarded the digital menu board contract to E Display Inc. The project rollout has been initiated from the Big Orange location at Cambridge Centre, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

E Display assembled a custom turn-key solution for Big Orange based on their individual need. Four commercial grade 47” LG High Definition LED displays were installed at this location. The displays were uniformly landscape mounted using commercial grade mounts in conformance with Big Orange’s menu layout. The screens were networked to state of the art Media Player PC’s selected to offer quality and durability needed for mission critical commercial environments. The Media players are powered by E Display’s SaaS (Signage-as-a-Service) platform. “E Display SaaS” is E Display’s industry leading cloud based digital signage software that can be accessed on a PC or from any mobile device via the internet. The software is easy to use and allows all the latest and greatest functionality like Multiple Zones, Tickers, RSS feeds, IP Video, Animations and much more. E display offers both self-managed and fully-managed service to its customer. Big Orange opted to go with the fully managed service which allows them to focus on their core business. E Display manages and monitors their network and is available 24/7 for real-time content changes or support. As an added value E Display liaises on-behalf of the client with hardware manufacturers to immediately fix or swap malfunctioning hardware according to the warranty terms.

E Display worked closely with Big Orange on their menu content for the digital medium. E Display re-designed the menu content and added motion graphics to make it more appealing and inviting while keeping in line with the client’s brand image. E display worked with Big Orange each step of the way from initial consultation to install to successfully deliver a solution that addressed the client’s individual business need.


With the successful installation of the digital signage solution, Big Orange is able to fix numerous issues surrounding traditional menu presentation. In addition, the digital menu board is helping it achieve the following benefits:

  • Improve sales with the help of attractive and inviting dynamic content.
  • Faster content and price updates.
  • Painless central management of the menus, across the network.
  • Enhanced brand image and improved customer experience.
  • Reduced perceived wait time for customers.
  • Greater visibility of the hot deals and more conversions.
  • Ability to Legally comply with laws to display nutritional information
E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.

E Display Digital Menu Boards for Big Orange.


Based on the positive results achieved from the digital menu board deployments by E Display at their store in Cambridge, Ontario; Big Orange is planning to implement the solution at their other stores across United States and Canada.

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