Digital_signage_softwareWe provide an industry leading easy-to-use and cost-effective digital signage software that can power a digital signage network of any size. A digital signage software platform typically has 2 components, the server piece and the player piece. The server is located in your data center and allows you to manage the screen layouts, playlists, scheduling and other advanced features. The player piece is installed on each player in the field. Once you have published your content, the server sends this to the players. The player then plays the media according to the instructions it has received.

E Display offers state of the art web based digital signage software that is easy to deploy and can be accessed from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device. It allows you to create sophisticated Digital Signage presentations and make use of advance functionality like Multiple Zones, Tickers, RSS feeds, Animations and much more.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Content distribution with centralized server control tools.
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based interface.
  • Simple content scheduling and updating for each display.
  • Update digital signage players remotely.
  • Advertisers can be given separate role-based access to manage their own campaigns.
  • Maintain control of advertiser content through block/permission capabilities.
  • Deliver Flash, Power Point, RSS feeds, image slide shows and other forms of rich media.
  • The software supports full HD.
  • Content playback can be set to automat play on a predetermined schedule.
  • Constant and reliable operation ensured through redundant and self-diagnostic maintenance.
  • Emergency notifications, live news, and traffic reports through media RSS are all supported.
  • Remote access to system and memory usage for each sign player.
  • Sign monitor notifications in the event of system malfunction.
  • Video RSS, live television and other custom content on multi-zones is all supported for one screen.

E Display helps its client each step of the way through deployment and also offers training to on how mange and use the software. However, purchasing a digital signage platform can be costly and managing it requires technical expertise. For customers that do not have internal IT staff or do not want to be involved with buying costly software should consider our “Signage as Service™” or E Display SaaS™ model. In this model you don’t have to buy any software or host it. We simply host and maintain all of you signage network cost-effectively for a fixed monthly fee. Please see the “Signage as a Service” section under the Services page.