Storefront-Window-projectionWe provide cost-effective dynamic digital signage solutions for retail window advertising including our storefront window projection system. The main element of this solution is a rear-projection film that can be mounted on any clear surface from inside to turn your store front window into a dynamic presentation screen. With the help of the rear projection window film, you can display images, motion graphics and videos to get the attention of the outside world.

This is probably one of the latest breakthrough inventions that has revolutionized window advertising. Any retail business including, stores, banks, restaurants, cafes, dealerships, offices, and clinics can display their messages to attract more customers inside. A stand-alone system requires a projection surface with rear projection film, a digital projector and a PC or media player with signage software. In traditional street-level advertising, motionless static posters are used for marketing; however, these are easily ignored by the intended audience and can be expensive over time with printing costs. Store front window projection is hard to miss and you can run campaigns and easily modify your content as often as you like in real-time with the click of a button.

E Display Inc. has successfully installed a variety of window advertising and interactive solutions all across the United States and Canada. These solutions have helped our clients improve in-house marketing, drive sales, and increase efficiency of their advertising campaigns. E Display provides comprehensive signage solutions including digital displays, industry leading software or SaaS (E Display Signage as a Service), and media players. In addition, we offer content creation, installation, support, and project management services. This makes us one-stop-shop for your all digital signage needs.

With offices in Calgary, Canada and Chicago, USA; E Display has deployed digital signage solutions for retail clients all across North America. We work with all size customers from small businesses to large enterprises. We treat each client in intimate manner and propose solutions that work best for their individual need and budget.