Digital Signage systems deliver positive ROI in the shape of mounting sales, revenue growth, reduced wait-time, improved branding, and enhanced experience.
Our digital display systems in a network setting are easy to manage. You can control the content of each unit from a central location and can be changed and updated in real-time. Your customized content can also be integrated with live television and internet feeds like news, sports, entertainment, weather and stocks. Any display unit can also be transformed into an interactive unit.
Typically, businesses that have measured before and after performance have found a 2.5% or greater increase in sales. For example:
  • A small business generating $500,000 in sales per year could expect to increase sales by $12,500 annually.
  • With a 50% Cost of Goods Sold margin and a $2,000 product cost for one unit, the payback could be as little as 4 months
  • Apart from using it for your own advertising and communication needs, you can also Sell ad space on your display units to local businesses and create a new revenue source.