Media_playerWe provide digital signage media players powered by our industry leading digital signage software designed to run your content in HD broad-cast quality. Media players are essentially computers that are designed to play your content according to a set of instructions you have provided. These can be categorized into 2 broad categories.

1. Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) based media players

As the name suggests, these are deigned to do a specific job and come pre-loaded with software. These are very cost-effective and easy-to-manage. We usually recommend these types of players to customers that have a few screens located in one location, require basic functionality and do not want to pay service fees each month. These players come with content management software that can be installed on a PC or a laptop. This will allow customers to create playlists and schedule it, which can then be pushed out on a LAN to the players. Where there is no network available customers can also load these files directly into the players through a memory card like Flash or USB.

2. Small Form Factor (SFF) based media players

For customers that require advanced functionality and/or have a large network that needs to be managed centrally we offer the SFF based media players. These are essentially full-fledged computers but far smaller in size than your traditional desktop pc. These are designed for space-limited commercial environments and can easily fit on the back-side of your displays. The internal hardware of these players is fine-tuned to play multi-media content. These allow you to install comprehensive digital signage software of your choice. For customers that subscribe to our “Signage as a Service” we provide, install and setup the software free of charge (see “Signage as a Service” under services).
Apart from the above 2 types of media players, we also offer products for specialize needs like video walls, displays with built-in media players, etc. As always all of the products we offer, are quality brand name products and come with at least one year warranty.