Hospitality-Digital-SignageE Display has digital signage solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry delivering information to your guest when and where they need it. It allows you to enhance your services and demonstrate your commitment to a satisfying guest experience.

Digital signage plays a key role in modern Hotel, Motels, Conference centers and Casinos. It allows you to welcome guests with personalized messages, promote your brand and loyalty programs. Provide information about your amenities, deals and holiday specials. Inform guests of upcoming events and entertainment schedules. Deliver real-time announcements and emergency alerts as they happen. Present dynamic flight information with departure times, delays and cancellations. Display news, live weather, traffic, and sports information. Guide guests with property mapping and even act as a digital concierge for guests. In addition it also allows you to generate revenues with advertising on your displays.

E Display has extensive experience with the hospitality industry. With offices in Calgary and Chicago we have developed and deployed digital signage solutions for hotels, motels, casinos and conference centers all across the United States and Canada.

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