Enclosures,-Kiosk-&-MountsWe provide a range of digital signage kiosks, environmental enclosures, ceiling and wall mounts, floor stands and display frames. Displays located in commercial locations can be prone to hazards like vandalism or environmental elements. To protect your investment against these elements protective enclosures are essential. For public spaces we also offer kiosk type enclosures in all models and shapes. These are usually ideal for interactive type applications.

The enclosures and kiosks come in all sizes, shapes and a wide array of models, for all types of uses, and environments (both indoor and outdoor). Some of the models come with sensor driven built-in fans for ventilation. Some even come with complete HVAC system to protect against extreme outdoor temperature. If our standard models do not fit your need, we can also provide custom designed solutions that are suitable for your individual need.

We offer wide variety of brand name commercial grade mounts for your displays, projectors and media payers. These come in an array of models designed for varying needs including wall installs and ceiling installs.

We also offer Display stands for your public floor locations. The designs vary depending on your need. The more basic models are designed for trade show type location. These have a modular design, are easy to assemble, come with adjustable height and can support various type and size of displays.