OPA! Souvlaki Goes

by Dmitry Sokolov, the DailyDOOH.

Recent healthcare initiatives (and loop holes) around caloric content in the US have given our industry new weapons to pitch Digital Menus to QSRs and food services. With top QSR franchises like Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Tim Hortons slowly piloting or partially adopting digital signage in their stores, many digital signage vendors have stepped up efforts pitching full-digital menus, en-masse, across the franchise.

In the midst of all the excitement, largely unnoticed, Canadian franchise OPA! Souvlaki of Greece just took a dive and committed to full digital menu boards across all of its 65-locations. With the help of E Display, a digital signage provider in Calgary, Alberta, OPA! is replacing all of its light box menus with a 3-screen digital signage solution.

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OPA! Souvlaki Goes Digital