Alberta Parks operates number of visitor information centers across Alberta Canada, selected E Display for the implementation of Digital Signage solution integrated with Audience Measurement platform.

The information centre is visited by hundreds of visitors on a daily basis, the two key requirements of the project were to provide latest information to the visitors to increase client satisfaction as well as the ability to count the number of visitors visiting the information centre.

The content is centrally managed by Alberta Parks using E Display cloud based digital signage software. The information is pulled from various sources to keep the visitors informed with the latest information and that includes Twitter and Facebook feeds, weather conditions and forecast, emergency announcements, events, news and updates, campgrounds vacancies, trail reports, wildlife information and website integration.

One of the key requirement of the project was to count the number of visitors visiting the information centre during business hours and when the information centre is closed. The Audience Measurement Analytics software is using a sensor (webcam) placed on the top of the display to accurately count the audience by age and gender as well viewing time and duration. The information is uploaded to the server where it is aggregated into meaningful charts, tables and comprehensive reports.

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