Digital signage market applications are diverse; some key verticals are retail, transport, hospitality, QSR, fast food, banks, education, healthcare, & corporate. You can check details of different market applications in the following paragraphs.

  • Transportation Digital Signage– Display schedules, arrival/departure information and Trip delays. Allow passengers to access directories, find hotels, get car rental information and make interactive reservation. Display branded and compelling advertising. Shorten perceived waiting time for passengers with News, Weather and Entertainment programming.
  • Financial Digital Signage– Keep clients informed on your full range of financial offerings. Display live rates and quotes for your loan, checking, savings and retirement accounts. Reduce perceived waiting time. Promote your products through multimedia advertising.
  • Retail Digital Signage (Retail Stores/Car Dealerships/Spas/Salons) – Gain people’s attention, promote sales and direct traffic. Influence buyer decisions at the point of purchase. Run advertisements and promotions. Educate customers about your products.
  • Education Digital Signage– Use digital signage in your student union, bookstore, cafeteria, and different classroom buildings to dynamically communicate with your students and staff. Display Building directories, Class schedules, Event Listings, Bookstore sales promotions and Cafeteria menus.
  • Hospitality Digital Signage (Hotels/Motels/Casinos/Bars/Restaurants) – Present Digital Menu Boards for onsite restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and bars. Promote entertainment venues and property amenities. Use it in everything from Slot ends, Table Games, Conference Centers, Guest room TV channels, Elevators to any public space to enhance your guest experience. In an in-house setting use it to display employee anniversaries and birthdays, VIP guests, and updates to employee benefit information.
  • Healthcare Digital Signage (Hospitals/Doctors/Dental Clinics/Labs) – Communicate with visitors, patients, and staff. Display Ads and Health Messages. Entertain and Educate visitors and patients in waiting rooms. Showcase your top donors. Integrate your content with live health TV programming or Internet feeds. Provide interactive directories for staff and patients.
  • Corporate Digital Signage (Office environment) – Digital signage is an effective tool in the corporate environment. It can be used in settings such as lobbies to communicate with your customers. It can also be used to improve internal communication such as to track sales, display corporate news and messages, promote partners, announcements such as birthdays and happy hours and much more.
  • Religious Digital Signage (Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques) – communication with your congregation. Display events, schedules, groups, and association information.

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