Looking at trends in the interconnected world, digital signage solutions make a lot of sense for healthcare facilities. Since digital signage is a flexible tool that can deliver information in real-time, it can incorporate a wide range of features that enhance patients/visitors’ experience. Now a days you will find them in many state-of-the-art healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and community health centers.

Why use digital signage in healthcare facilities?

There are many reasons why healthcare facilities should use digital signage solutions. Here are some of the key benefits:

Health care facilities have very sensitive communication needs, where conveyance of urgent/important message is a priority. A well-placed signage solution can provide important information instantly and in an engaging manner to patient and visitors.

Similarly, visitors can find way-finding kiosks and digital information boards very helpful in searching for their desired destination. It is also helpful in reducing perceived wait-time by engaging the audience in important health information, news, sports, weather and an array of other creative and dynamic content.

Finding new Revenue Stream is an important goal for all businesses including healthcare providers. Healthcare digital signage allows health care providers to generate revenue by allowing partners to advertise on their digital signage displays.

In short, a healthcare facility can improve in-house branding, visitors experience, educate their audiences, reduce operational barriers, and attached costs, and provide efficient services by incorporating an effective digital signage system on their premise.

Healthcare digital signage by E DisplayRecommendations on obtaining a quality and cost-effective system:

Here are a few recommendations on how to obtain an effective digital signage solution and reduce your cost.

My first recommendation is to request digital signage vendors to provide you with a detailed proposal that not only includes the products and services being proposed and their cost but also a detailed feasibility of how it address your business needs. This forces the vendor to put thought into the solution and make sure that the end product delivers on your individual business need.

On the software front, I would recommend choosing a vendor that allows subscription of their software, also known as cloud software or software-as-a-service. Buying digital signage software can be very expensive and requires upfront investment. Software is usually sold on a per player license basis and you will also need to pay separately for the server. You will also need to host the platform on your hardware which is an additional cost plus you will need to hire technical resources to maintain and manages the system. With software-as-a-service you eliminate these costs and you can focus on your core business. You are not responsible for maintaining and monitoring the platform. You only pay a monthly fee for the resources you utilize and the vendor is responsible for the upkeep of the system.

Finally find a vendor that can provide you with a complete solution and can deploy that solution for you. There are many suppliers, manufacturers and vendors of digital signage products and services however very few that can deliver a turn-key solution. It’s only logical that you will extensively reduce your cost and reduce your risks by going to one source. The Vendor should be able to deliver the hardware and software, deploy the solution on your premise, train your staff and how to use the software and create your content. The vendor must also have the ability to support you post deployment.

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