Digital-Menu-Boards.E Display offers Digital Signage solutions including Digital Menu Boards to QSRs, fast food restaurants, cafes, delis. This includes displays, players, software, menu design & installation.

Restaurants and QSRs are one of the prime venues for Digital Signage. This industry is seeing an explosive growth in moving to Digital Menus. These not only rival the cost of static menus over the course of time but it has also shown to lift sales. They attract traffic, are easier to manage, faster to update and so much more attractive than boring old static menus. Moving to Digital Menu Boards is just the natural next step for Restaurants and especially for Quick Service Restaurants.

E Display has expert knowledge and experience in providing digital menu solutions to the foodservices industry. Our solution is composed of digital menu displays, digital menu players, the digital menu software or SaaS (E Display Signage-as-a-Service). We can also install your menus and provide maintenance and support. Our design team can help design your menus and promotional content. We have expertise in developing both static and dynamic menu content. E Display has extensive industry experience.

With offices in Calgary and Chicago we have developed and deployed menu board solutions for clients all across the United States and Canada. In fact E Display has performed one of the largest implementation of QSR digital menu boards in Canada. We work with all size customers from small businesses to large restaurant chains. We treat each client in intimate way and propose solutions that work best for their individual need and budget.

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