Commercial_DisplayWe offer cutting-edge commercial digital signage displays that are perfect for retail, office, campus, corporate, hospitality, healthcare or any public space. Here are some of the features that set commercial grade displays apart from consumer displays.

  • Generally have a rugged exterior designed more for public spaces.
  • Incorporates measures to protect controls in a public environment.
  • Many allow for continuous 7/12 or 7/24 operation.
  • Features extensive advanced anti burn-in & image-retention features
  • Brighter resolution and higher contrast allows for better picture quality in daylight settings
  • Offer the capability to change the display orientation to either landscape or portrait.
  • Has built-in scheduling function to save energy and to cut down on your electric bill.
  • Designed specifically for compatibility with PCs and AV standards.
  • Most models include standard RS232 feature for external/remote hardware control
  • Most models recognize all PC resolutions including wide formats and different refresh rates
  • LCD back lights covers a wider spectrum of colors.
  • Offer protection from electro-magnetic interference from other sources such as cell phones, etc.
  • Many of these displays now come with ultra-thin bezel that is great for video walls.
  • Most come with 3 year onsite manufacturer warranty.

We partner with all industry leading manufacturer. We cater to all budgets and offer products that are individually suited for your need.