• Healthcare digital signage by E Display

Digital Signage in Healthcare – Benefits and Recommendations

Looking at trends in the interconnected world, digital signage solutions make a lot of sense for healthcare facilities. Since digital signage is a flexible tool that can deliver information in real-time, it can incorporate a wide range of features that […]

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  • E Display healthcare digital signage

Digital Signage for Healthcare- Improve Service Quality and Return within Your Budget

The power of digital signage is turning into an unquestionable reality. Study indicates that installation of a digital sign at a service counter or clinic can raise the queries by 15%. Sales of the particularly advertised product or service increased […]

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Youtube Video Post

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Is Digital Signage Affordable?

Until recently Digital Signage was a viable option only for large businesses but with the LCD/plasma revolution and the advent of other affordable technologies now it’s viable for any business to benefit from it. The cost of digital signage can […]

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Where is Digital Signage Used?

Digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes including to advertise, promote, influence, entertain, inform, and generally to communicate with an audience. The audience can be anyone from customers, employees, students, to a community. Deployments can be found […]

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What is Digital Signage ?

Digital signage is the term used to describe the communication of dynamic information to an audience through electronic devices such as display screens, projectors, etc. For indoor purposes, the most common form of display used is the liquid crystal displays […]

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