The power of digital signage is turning into an unquestionable reality. Study indicates that installation of a digital sign at a service counter or clinic can raise the queries by 15%. Sales of the particularly advertised product or service increased by 30%. In addition to these financial benefits, digital signage solutions enhance customer experience at the location. The perceived wait time of the visitors can go down by 40% because of value-addition by digital sign.

However, there is another reality. A large number of enterprises, particularly small and medium healthcare units are reluctant to embrace this technology. There are numerous reasons behind this reticence. Like, they perceive it beyond their pocketbooks and capacities. Deployment of technology requires integration of multiple hardware elements to software and mounts. In addition, content creation, development, and updating is another daunting task that frightens many prospect users. Another important point is budgetary constraints that don’t allow various entities to go for investment in an expensive display and purchase of premium software.

Healthcare digital signage by E Display

Looking at the ‘return’ side of the technology, it seems inventible for them. How can we address this confusion? Or what is the answer to these concerns?

The answer is ‘E Display Signage as a Service’.

E Display Inc. has introduced a smart program, where the aim is to bring ‘affordability and experience’ under one umbrella. Customers are not required to purchase expensive material, hire resources for content creation, or buy a premium software. Instead; we’ve brought an integrated system, where digital signage is available as service. This smart program promises to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of digital signage for use in simple networks. This solution is being used for brand messaging, retail advertising, menu boards, corporate and campus information, and kiosks.

How this helps healthcare centers and hospitals?

  • Hospitals and clinics have a great opportunity to reach out visitors and patients during their wait time. Sharing important information, quick overview of a new program or a decent advertisement can earn goodwill as well as business.
  • Global healthcare industry is extensively using kiosks, videos, motion graphics, podcasts, recorded programs, and health bulletins to outreach people and reinforce their message regarding healthcare, treatment, epidemics, seasonal issues, remedies and their available services.
  • Consumer behavior is the key element in any business deal. Studies indicate that a well-placed digital signage solution can influence the real-time visitors’ behavior and earn some revenue.
  • Clinic’s schedule, services, way-finding help, important announcement, health tips, weather update, news bulletins, and advertisement are some of the probable content suggestions for a healthcare signage solution.

Healthcare digital signage by E DisplayKey Benefits and Advantages:

E Display Digital Signage as a Service (SaaS) allows you to use our software without the investment in servers, software, hosting, and hiring staff for its management.
SaaS allows you to create sophis­ticated Digital Signage presentation and make use of advance functionality like Multiple Zones, Tickers, RSS feeds, IP Video, Animations and much more. You can create any type of layout for each screen in your network and schedule your content to run distinctly on any number of screens at any time/day.

Some key features of SaaS include the following.

  • State of the art, Feature-rich Powerful software
  • No restrictions on publishing, scheduling or access to advance features
  • Month-to-month service with no long term obligation
  • No Capital Investment
  • No need to acquire or dedicate technical resources to manage and maintain
  • Total control of your digital signage network from any place and at any time
  • Secure, Reliable and Scalable
  • 24/7 personal customer service
  • Free of cost handling of hardware warranty

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